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Atheist (3298) | Freethinker (2298) | I Believe In Science (2130) | Agnostic (1531) | I Do Not Believe In Gods (1491) | Humanist (1320) | No Heaven, No Hell (1192) | Ex-Christian (1005) |
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  • hellfire7119

  • Just want to meet people, who aren't religious. And maybe find someone to date. ...
  • 48 years old | Southbridge, MA, USA

  • peterporcupine

  • Darmok on the ocean

    Gentleman and scholar, kind, thought-full, seeks small, sickly, genius-girl with one eye and a limp [1]. A companion through adventure and hardship.

    History, science, literature, wordplay, geography, liberty, Classics, education, genealogy, philosophy, New England. Car-free, INTJ.

    [1] Metaphorically or literally, it doesn't matter.

  • 59 years old | Concord, MA, USA

  • inum76

  • Out and about. Looking to go out and abroad with someone interested in the same. I like the simple life. However I like seeing and doing new things. Have been alone for a wile. That is lacking in close companionship. ^.^ I am not a sad person for it. I would rather enjoy life then dwell on what is not. At least not too much, or else I would not be here. ^.^ More about me: I am a fan of sci-fi a... ...
  • 43 years old | New Braintree, MA, USA

  • lightleaves

  • Skinny godless boy looking for a pretty lady who ain't superstitious. ...
  • 29 years old | Boston, MA, USA

  • scienceangel

  • Science-based skeptic, atheist, secularist.:) Hi,I'm seeking friendships first. I help organise secular events and an activist for scientific scepticism. I live with chronic pain. ...
  • 43 years old | Lowell, MA, USA

  • libennovestire

  • Ignostic Ask a believer for a definition of God. He/She will under no circumstances be able to provide a meaningful answer, because no human mind could ever comprehend such vast power. To question the existence of an incomprehensible being is irrelevant, and frankly a waste of time, so I abstain from answering the question altogether. An Agnostic says "maybe," but an Ignostic says "Ask me a meanin... ...
  • 29 years old | Worcester, MA, USA

  • kali81
  • 38 years old | Lowell, MA, USA

  • witchymama
  • I don't know and neither do you.
    I don't know and neither do you. I am a witch agnostic. I don't know if there's a god and frankly I'm tired of talking about it. We can't know so can we move on to other things? ...
  • 47 years old | Somerville, MA, USA

  • whaweewee
  • 48 years old | Orange, MA, USA

  • jd001
  • 32 years old | Boston, MA, USA