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Atheist (5096 members)

Freethinker (3479 members)

I Believe In Science (3271 members)

Agnostic (2367 members)

I Do Not Believe In Gods (2304 members)

Humanist (2078 members)

No Heaven, No Hell (1898 members)

Ex-Christian (1559 members)

Live For Today! (1534 members)

Blissfully Godless (1466 members)

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  • abdulissa
  • I'm looking forward to meet other freethinkers, chat with them, share my thoughts with them and listen to theirs.
  • 24 years old
  • Saïdia, Morocco
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  • Online Now

  • kdmc
  • I was born and raised in Ireland. I have spent the last 10 years working in the US & Australia and travelling to other parts of the world when I can. Hoping to meet someone interesting who can hold a conversation.
  • 34 years old
  • Oakland, CA, USA
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  • krissylee16
  • I am looking for a fellow atheist who is also a liberal democrat. I want someone that can hold a conversation and is intelligent. I have a very sick sense of humor and I tell extremely inappropriate jokes. I am also a history buff. If you know something about American History, that is a bonus.
  • 35 years old
  • Allentown, PA, USA
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  • bigv340
  • master of my domain Hello all! My name is Vic and I am as unqualified to write my own profile as I am the only one qualified. But as it is a necessity, I will try my best. I am a SWM ISO a woman for a LTR. I live in one of those small Iowa towns where the major intersection has 2 stop signs and you can stand in the middle of town and see corn in all four directions. So there's not much to choose...
  • 57 years old
  • Dana, IA, USA
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  • angelawriter
  • 52 years old
  • Euless, TX, USA
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  • pooba2099
  • 35 years old
  • New York City Suburbs, NJ, USA
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  • anonrobt
  • objectivist artist am a retired baker, now an artist looking for one to share life and love with amidst a library and pro-human art...been an atheist ever since read Rand as a teenager and found myself questioning the idea of a god...
  • 73 years old
  • Tampa St Petersburg, FL, USA
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  • pghguy
  • bicurious, looking for like minded men for -------- relationship
  • 60 years old
  • Beaver, PA, USA
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  • ravenj1
  • I am a 50yo, SWM, never married, no kids. I'm open for anything. I love to travel, reading, music (black metal, aggrotech, industrial), CoS & TST member, movies (horror, mysteries), am a romantic, kind, caring. Age and race not an issue for me.
  • 50 years old
  • Rapid City, SD, USA
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  • materian
  • I have lived my life without ever becoming friends with a like minded person. It has become a considerable problem over the years in which i have no real-life solutions other than possible this. I am a broken man looking for a conversation or two, and that's pretty much it. I am not in a position to be a valid mate for anyone but it would be nice to have a friend I can be open with for once.
  • 35 years old
  • Klamath Falls, OR, USA
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