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  • ravenj1

  • I am a 50yo, SWM, never married, no kids. I'm open for anything. I love to travel, reading, music (black metal, aggrotech, industrial), CoS & TST member, movies (horror, mysteries), am a romantic, kind, caring. Age and race not an issue for me. ...
  • 51 years old | Rapid City, SD, USA

  • atheistgent

  • A Romantic, yet Rational Intellect It has been difficult to find online communities of atheists, freethinkers, and agnostics. The Usenet groups devoted to atheists and agnostics are practically empty, Yahoo has ignored repeated entreaties to open (or re-open) a chat room for atheists and agnostics, and it is hard to find active, lively venues for stimulating conversation, the forging of new friend... ...
  • 55 years old | All of SD, USA

  • anahdonya
  • athiest by choice
    athiest by choice ok ...
  • 43 years old | Rapid City, SD, USA

  • joesquirrel

  • A day not learning something, is a day wasted Graduated college, I am very easy going, and like to be active. I live for music, my never-ending curiosity, and helping others. I try to volunteer at least once a year, and which ever beach I decide to move next to when I settle down, I hope to me active in the community. My ideal girl would be someone who is a genuinely good-nature human being, no... ...
  • 31 years old | Brookings, SD, USA

  • daka1

  • I am looking for a artistically inclined progressive vegetarian freethinker to build a relationship with. Merry Mythmas and happy new year. ...
  • 49 years old | Mitchell, SD, USA

  • geekyguy2012
  • Who needs god?
    Who needs god? I came to think I was atheist, because it is just to far fetched to believe in a mythical figure like "god". ...
  • 28 years old | Sioux Falls, SD, USA

  • apotter18
  • 28 years old | Eagle Butte, SD, USA

  • rcg65
  • 54 years old | Rapid City, SD, USA

  • candybar55
  • me, in a nutshell
    me, in a nutshell nothing specific, just wanna meet someone whom i can talk to. some one willing to ask the hard questions and answer even harder questions. if u want an intelligent conversation, let me know. ...
  • 30 years old | Sioux Falls, SD, USA

  • ironhorsed
  • Shun the non-believer! lol
    Shun the non-believer! lol I've never subscribed to organized religion or, any form of religion, for that matter. Like minded people, please... step into my office. ...
  • 36 years old | Rapid City, SD, USA