reality dictates what?
If one considers the reality that we currently live in, that being physical guided by mental choices, then we are dual in nature just by being alive. When we choose to act out a decision we interact with our surroundings but there are many mental decisions that we do not act upon. Why then do we choose some decisions to act upon and not others or do we (eventually)? Why do our thoughts out run our physical ability to get something done? Why do we not have understanding/control of our own heart beat and other vital organs, not to mention our thought pattern and what we choose to think about? By the way consider how many different thoughts you have in, lets say, 1 hour of any given day. Can you keep one mental thought in your head for one hour of your day? I'm not talking about a project of any sort that you may be doing and following the pattern of getting it done. I'm talking about one completed thought for one hour without interference from any other thoughts you may have?
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