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Bisexual Female
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  • asilee
  • I was questioning god at 7 years old
  • I remember as a child getting whoopings for questioning god. I was forced to go to church and it was just an uphill battle since then. I was usually the only one in the pews looking straight ahead instead of on my knees or bowed in prayer. It never felt right and my questions was always answered with "in mysterious ways". Same for Santa Claus.
  • 33 years old | Twinsburg, OH, USA

  • virgogirl15
  • Independent thinker looking for same
  • 46 years old | Boone, NC, USA

  • shannontg
  • People create gods. Twelve years of Catholic school should make anyone an atheist.
  • 45 years old | Toms River, NJ, USA

  • pyrokaren
  • Pre-op MtF
  • I'm a pretty cool MtF transsexual. Definitely smart, playful, adventurous, and high energy with a punky/goth edge. I'm looking for people to do stuff with, with the possibility of a relationship. In general I'm into females, and transsexuals, but sometimes guys are cool too. I'll write more later once I figure out how this site works. Karen
  • 57 years old | Oakland, CA, USA

  • onyxfirefly
  • I'm a loving ,intelligent, open mindeded ,naturally curious person. I'm also easy on the eyes I would like to spend time with an looking for a fun, affectionate, intelligent,outgoing individual.
  • 36 years old | New York City Suburbs, NY, USA

  • jackyyguevara
  • Hello my name is jacky I love kids and want to be a teacher in the future.Honestly i’m just looking for a boyfriend or friend.Love is my religion!
  • 20 years old | Manassas, VA, USA

  • emmaloopoo
  • 0 years old | Indianapolis, IN, USA

  • bondagechicknc
  • 35 years old | Raleigh Durham, NC, USA

  • afrodite35
  • I'm looking for people to have good conversation with.
  • 36 years old | Dallas, TX, USA

  • mouserat
  • blah
  • 32 years old | Sun Prairie, WI, USA

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