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Bisexual Female
Atheist Passions Members

  • mouserat
  • blah
  • 30 years old
  • Sun Prairie, WI, USA

  • happysinglesr
  • I would like to meet someone with similar interests to share time with. I am a retired 66 yr. old who loves to maintain an active lifestyle. Walking, hiking, bicycling, travel, sightseeing and all things outdoors are of interest to me. I prefer animals be free so do not have pets. I'd like to meet someone who can relax and enjoy the future together.
  • 69 years old
  • Homosassa Springs, United States

  • onyxfirefly
  • I'm a loving ,intelligent, open mindeded ,naturally curious person. I'm also easy on the eyes I would like to spend time with an looking for a fun, affectionate, intelligent,outgoing individual.
  • 34 years old
  • New York City Suburbs, NY, USA

  • pyrokaren
  • Pre-op MtF
  • I'm a pretty cool MtF transsexual. Definitely smart, playful, adventurous, and high energy with a punky/goth edge. I'm looking for people to do stuff with, with the possibility of a relationship. In general I'm into females, and transsexuals, but sometimes guys are cool too. I'll write more later once I figure out how this site works. Karen
  • 55 years old
  • Oakland, CA, USA

  • virgogirl15
  • Independent thinker looking for same
  • 44 years old
  • Boone, NC, USA

  • bn213616
  • Looking for new friends
  • 42 years old
  • East Mesa, AZ, USA

  • lyadonna84
  • 34 years old
  • Des Moines, United States

  • sourdream
  • 38 years old
  • Las Vegas, United States

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