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I'm not Atheist, I'm Agnostic and consider myself to be spiritual but religiously independent ...

41 years old | Colorado Springs, Colorado

Last time online: Within 2 months


Dawkins fan

Dawkins fan My name is Dave, and I build aquariums (like SeaWorld) all over the country. I like good food and intelligent people. About 2 yeas ago I went from agnostic to athiest due to learning too much about different religions. I rarely make it back to Junction but I'm hoping I find someone who won't mind that too much. I'm very loyal and affectionate. I like outdoor activitys, but i also like... ...

31 years old | Grand Junction, Colorado

Last time online: Within 3 months


Glad to be a free thinker

Glad to be a free thinker Hey, this is pretty cool! A place to meet some like minded people. It's a nice discovery to see that I'm not the first to think of the idea. I grew up here in Colorado and spend a couple of years in the San Francisco area working (I still like it here better). I often make it up into the mountains and spend most of my free time, Lindy Hopping (swing dancing) Jeeping,... ...

40 years old | Denver, Colorado

Last time online: More than 3 months



I seek good conversation and good friends. ...

35 years old | Boulder, Colorado

Last time online: More than 3 months


The core of mans' spirit comes from new experiences

hey I don't know if i'd say i was passionate about it or not. ...

37 years old | Fort Collins, Colorado

Last time online: More than 3 months


20 years old | Commerce City, Colorado

Last time online: More than 3 months


Religion is a smile on a dog...Genuine, confident, caring, smart woman

First, I am relationship-ready. I do want a family within the next few years (maybe 2 kids, a couple dogs); however, I'd rather have kids alone than with the wrong person, so don't worry about me "trapping" you. Just don't bother reaching out if you KNOW kids are 10 years off for you! I believe in green values, progressive politics, and always striving to learn and improve. The Golden Rule is a... ...

40 years old | Broomfield, Colorado

Last time online: More than 3 months


Intelligent, successful, balanced man seeking fun interesting lifelong partner

In many ways, this is so difficult. Putting all those positive attributes out there sounds so much like bragging and I really don't like braggers. On the other hand, if I don't do that, would anyone be attracted to me? I dunno. My picture may turn you all away in any case. :) I'm quite educated and successful life in my career and in life. I find life a joy (most of the time) and revel in new e... ...

53 years old | Golden, Colorado

Last time online: More than 3 months


Looking for my heathen soulmate

Hi! I am Giselle. I am an outgoing and caring young woman looking for her heathen soulmate. I am a bbw so keep that in mind when contacting me. I am looking for someone that had their life together. Someone funny that will get me out of my shell. If I sound like someone you'd like to get to know, feel free to shoot me a message! ...

23 years old | Aurora, Colorado

Last time online: More than 3 months


Strong moral compass, no religious fairy tales

I am tired of meeting the wrong people. These religious subscribers that end up well below my standards of decent behavior are exhausting. That's not to say I am boring, or a prude. It just means I have a healthy respect for people around me, and expect the same in return. I am a father of three, with custody of my kiddos. I have let my romantic life take a back seat while I took care of other obl... ...

46 years old | Loveland, Colorado

Last time online: More than 3 months