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Bisexual Male
Atheist Passions Members

  • medic
  • Atheist, Humanist It took me quite a while to accept this, but in the end I find comfort in this, and the fact that I am not alone
  • 56 years old | Charleston, SC, USA

  • biglou2u
  • Hi, I am looking for someone whom I can be a best friend and lover too. I have a great sense of humor, fun and very romantic and very easy to be with and please, I am looking for the same in someone who doesnt have to be a model, just themself. I would like to meet fro lunch, dinner or a few drinks and gaze into your eyes ans chat. If that sounds like something you may like to do, by all means, le...
  • 57 years old | Rural Area, MN, USA

  • acarguy
  • 52 years old | Nashville, TN, USA

  • jsudduth
  • 31 years old | Long Beach, CA, USA

  • dale2006
  • 73 years old | Rural Area, MO, USA

  • smallthing02
  • 32 years old | San Sebastian, PR, USA

  • kir0s
  • Born to make other people feel good and happier..
  • Just a young gun with a quick fuse Gonna make it alright, wanna get loose I was dreaming of bigger things in mind And gotta leave my old life behind Not a 'yes sir', not a follower, no I search for these things I ready for That others don't even really mind it Of that idea of creating something special For all the chosen ones falls in pleasure Whatever it t...
  • 27 years old | Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of

  • christurner1
  • I have been atheist for some time now Hi I'm Chris. I'm 25. I'm bisexual. I'm on here to find love
  • 34 years old | Wisbech, United Kingdom

  • pghguy
  • bicurious, looking for like minded men for -------- relationship
  • 61 years old | Beaver, PA, USA

  • gedra
  • 47 years old | Utica, NY, USA

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