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Atheist Passions: Atheist Singles Online

  • homersodyssey
  • I'll probably elaborate in this area soon, but it's so hard to describe yourself in so many words. Same thing goes for what "your wants" are. I'm a man who likes to live a versatile life and wear many different hats. I like to self teach myself things, travel(actually travel, not just say it), I love sports(watching, playing and coaching). We all love music and I love many genres myself, I don't w...
  • 40 years old | Chicago, IL, USA

  • jkellerv
  • Easygoing Traveler Mountain Lover
  • 43 years old | Paradise, TX, USA

  • brooklynkid001
  • 71 years old | Brooklyn, NY, USA

  • rabidkwok
  • open
  • 0 years old | Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • ozzyozzy5
  • Looking for people without imaginary friends.
  • 34 years old | Abbevill, Ireland

  • charlenesir
  • Atheist is a pushed up to theist to reverse the reverse the meaning of the word theist from believer to non-believer.
  • 87 years old | Charlotte, NC, USA

  • fairydreams
  • 42 years old | Indianapolis, IN, USA

  • wadiigo
  • exploring
  • exploring I'm sure that everybody else in this site is looking for a companion/friend/lover, that shares the same vision. The reason why we're here is because we are tired of having a relationship with religious persons. We want somebody that is like us. That thinks like us and that we like and like us.
  • 65 years old | Miami, FL, USA