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Atheist Affiliate Program

Do you have a ‘Atheist’ related website? A ‘Atheist’ related blog? A ‘Atheist’ related forum?

If so, then Atheist Passions has a way for you to (potentially) earn some revenue. Just add an affiliate link promoting Atheist Passions onto your site, and any of your site visitors clicking through will be ‘tagged’ and associated with your affiliate account. When any of these visitors join Atheist Passions and upgrade to a paid ‘Network Wide Access’ account (on any Passions Network site anytime within 255 days of clicking through), you earn a commission. More information regarding the affiliate program is detailed below.


Passions Network Affiliate Program Information

The Passions Network affiliate program is a ‘Network Wide Membership’ that provides access to all sites within Passions Network, including Atheist Passions.

If you have an existing CCBill account, you can merge our program into that account.

To load your current data, please enter your CCBill ID, username and password.

xxxxxxxxxxxx INSERT CCBILL CODE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Otherwise, feel free to create a new CCBill account by clicking the link below.

xxxxxxxxxxxx INSERT CCBILL BUTTON xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If you already know your CCBill Affiliate ID please use the following link, substituting your ID for XXXXXX:

Affiliate Program Details

1. While any individual site within Passions Network is free, we charge members a one time only $14.95 fee to upgrade to ‘Network Wide Access’. We pay you $2.00 for every member you send us who upgrades within the maximum expiration period allowed by our affiliate processor.

2. The maximum cookie expiration allowed by CCBill is 255 days. We provide the maximum cookie expiration.

3. And most importantly, you not only are credited for an upgrade by a member on Atheist Passions, you are credited for the upgrade if it happens on any of the 260+ sites in Passions Network because our program is…a ‘Network Wide Upgrade’!

Here is a fun banner for Atheist Passions:
(Please download this image locally and upload to your website.)

(Again, please do not forget to replace XXXXXX with your Affiliate ID, and please do not forget to change the image location for the image above.)

Examples Of The Online Dating & Social Networking Sites Within Passions Network:

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